1968 Born in Trogir Croatia

          Lives and works in Denver/Roxborough Park, CO


2015 Da Vinci Art Awards-Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Leonardo Da Vinci Art Award in recognition of Inventor of the year 2015

2015 Cover of Art New England Nov/Dec

2015 Cover of Aspen Magazine Gallery Guide Holiday Issue Winter 2014/2015

2014 Judith Tolnick Champa, Editor in Chief Cover story Art New England, "Wearable Art"

2014 Cover of Art New England March/April 

2014  Cover of Hollywood Weekly (two covers in 2014)

2014 World Master Award, given by the World Art Foundation Temecula, CA

2013 Book Published by Tate Publishing "Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Abstract 2013" written by Scott Indrisek (Modern Painters Magazine)

2013 Stephanie Grilli, Yale Ph.D, cover story, "Nadaleena takes the Art World by Storm", Hollywood Weekly

2013 Anthony Ewart, cover story, Hollywood Weekly, "A Beautiful Secret in the Art World"


2016 Playboy Hrvatska Cover Story a tribute to Nadaleena's Art

2015/2016 Modern Luxury Aspen Magazine, "Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann's works of art is an obvious solid investment!"

2015 Blouin Modern Painters Magazine, Hit List What We Like-Chanel painting by Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann-exhibiting at Context Art Miami  Art Basel week

2015 Art New England Magazine, Alexander Castro, Nov/Dec cover story, "Art on the Menu- Rags to Riches will surely entice visitors".

2015 Aspen Daily News, Susan Redstone, Art on Ice-Art Aspen Exhibition, "Kavachnina Contemporary featuring a Solo Exhibition of Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann titled "Rags to Riches" gave me a eureka moment! The concept absolutely thrilled me! 

2015 Art Aspen "Meet Spotlight Artist Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann"

2015 Artscape, Chuck Whitley editor in chief/publisher "Nadaleena is one of the regions most prolific, engaging and successful new artists".

2014 Judith Tolnic Champa, Editor in Chief, Art New England  "Fragments of the Storm" review Jan/Feb 2014

 2014 Blouin Artinfo, "18 Questions for Speed Painter Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann" Oct, 29 2014

 2014 Aspen Magazine "The Works of Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann recognized for impetuous brilliance of vibrant colors"

  2014 Luxe Magazine, Must Haves "Fine Art by Nadaleena the swamp collection by Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann

  2014 Wendy L Pitton R. Review "Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Solo Exhibit Aspen Colorado" 303 Magazine, Jan 2014

  2014 Chuck Whitley, editor in chief/publisher. "Nadaleena shook Denver by surprise with the sale of Disconnect painting". Artscape 

  2014 Portfolio feature, Luxe magazine Colorado "The Swamp", Summer 2014

  2013 Blouin Modern Painters Magazine, HIT LIST-WHAT WE LIKE "The paintings of Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann", Oct 2013

  2013 Modern Luxury-Aspen Magazine "Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann world renown artist exhibiting at Aspen Gallery" 

  2013 303 Magazine Wendy L Pitton R. "Nadaleena Takes the art world by storm"  

  2013 Bryan S Smith, cover story "Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Painter  and Patroness Extraordinaire", Temecula Valley Best 

  2013  Stephanie Grilli, Yale Ph.D, Blouin Modern Painters magazine, "Million Dollar Painter Appears on the Horizon"

  2013 Luxe Interior+Design, "Nadaleena the European Artist", works in high demand. Spring 2013

  2013 Layer Cake Creative, Mini Documentary on Nadaleena Mirat Breattmann

  2013 Art Blouin Media presents "Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Twister Series"

  2013 So Wa Boston "Nadaleena Brettmann "Fragments of the storm"    


Solo Exhibition “Hermes and Chanel Rags” Adrien/Kavachnina, Paris

Solo Exhibitions ”Rags to Riches” Adrien/Kacachnina, Paris-Europe

Solo Exhibitions “Breaking the Waves” Highland Loft Chelsea, NY

   Solo Exhibition "Hermes Rags" Walter Wickiser Gallery New York

   Solo Exhibition "Rags to Riches" Art Aspen

   Solo Exhibition "Rags to Riches" Liquid Art House Boston

   Solo Exhibition "Fragments of the Storm" Liberty Hotel Boston

   Solo Exhibition"Fragments of the Storm" Masterpiece Gallery Boston 

   Solo Exhibition "Patina" Highland Loft-Chelsea, New York, NY

   Solo Exhibition Fragments of the Storm Alternative Art Space Boston

   Solo Exhibition "Bulldog Woman", Highland Loft-Chelsea, New York

   Solo Exhibition "Breaking the Waves" Highland Loft, New York

   Solo Exhibition " Patina" ARTery Aspen Gallery, Aspen, CO

   Solo Exhibition "Fragments of the Storm" Neiman Marcus, Boston

   Solo Exhibition "Seascapes" Denver Art Museum Museum Residence

   Solo Exhibition "Breaking the Waves" Aspen Gallery, Aspen

   Solo Exhibition "TWISTER" Denver Art Museum-Museum Residence

Solo Exhibition "Fragments of the Storm" Liberty Hotel. Boston

   Solo Exhibition "Disconnect" Denver Art Gallery, Denver, CO

Group Exhibition "Fragments of my Dreams" Pergande Gallery, Aspen

  Group Exhibition "Patina and Breaking the Waves" The Highlands, NY

   Group Exhibition "Fragments of the Storm" Canvas Fine Arts, Boston

   Group Exhibition "Twister Collection" Aspen Gallery, Denver

   Group Exhibition "Breaking the Waves" Aspen Gallery, Aspen

   Group Exhibition "Lightening" Museum Residence Denver,CO

   Group Exhibition "Seascapes" Museum Residence Gallery

   Group Exhibition "Patina" ARTery Aspen Gallery, Aspen, CO

   Group Exhibition "Fragments of the Storm" Boston, MA

   Group Exhibition "Rags to Riches" Art Miami New York

Group Exhibitions “Pergande Gallery, Aspen CO



2018 Art Basel

2018 Art Palm Springs Kavachnina Contemporary

2018 Art Aspen Kavachnina Contemporary 

2017 Art Aspen Kavachnina Contemporary

2016 Art Aspen represented by Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York

2016 Context Art Miami represented by Kavachnina Contemporary

2015 Context Art Miami-Basel Week represented by              Kavachnina Contemporary

2015 Art Aspen represented by Kavachnina Contemporary

2015 art miami new york represented by Kavachnina Contemporary


2014 Opera Colorado, Black and White Ball

         Denver Art Museum Major Sponsor, Design After Dark

         Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

2013 Denver Art Museum Presenting Sponsor, Luncheon by Design




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